As I missed this exhibition (by nearly a year…) it’s nice that they took the time to film themselves flicking through the work shown. I think it’ll be a while before I come across a showcase of such intricate print work, and it’s especially nice to see some of it being constructed & deconstructed. So here you have it, a permanent digital version you can peruse whenever you have a spare 30mins, lovely!


‘Today I’m Feeling Turquoise’ by Pentagram

Nice project by Pentagram matching colours to moods. The booklet contains various coloured pages, with the mood they represent displayed typographically. Skim down the closed book to the colour you’re feeling and open it to find out what mood you’re in!

Here’s their description –

“Today I’m Feeling Turquoise” is an attempt to do something that should have been done a long time ago: pairing up colours with their respective moods.

Because everyone knows that red means anger, green envy, and blue misery. But who knew that olive was the colour of deja-vu, brown the colour of indifference, or pink of laughing on the outside, crying on the inside?

You can read more about this project on Pentagram’s website here


Beautifully intricate pop-up calendar by Johann Volkmer. Unfortunately all of the information I’ve managed to find on this project is in German (which I don’t speak) so I can’t tell you much as far as the concept goes, but just in case anyone reading this does, here’s his description of the project –

“Faltjahr 2010, kein Jahresplaner und auch kein Kalender im üblichen Sinne, vielmehr zwölf DIN-A4-formatige, im aufgeklappten Zustand DIN-A3-große, aufwändig als Wandskulpturen gefertigte, Pop-up-Objekte.

Jedes Monatsmotiv -als Einzelstück aufgehängt- ein ungewöhnlicher Hingucker zur anspruchs-
vollen Raumgestaltung.

Monochrom weißes Papier in schlichter Eleganz bringt Monatsthemen in reduzierter Form zum Ausdruck. Das Faltjahr 2010 zeigt, wozu Papier fähig ist.”

You can view the full project’s website here (also in German…) –


A lovely little creation by BERG, the ‘Little Printer’ will effectively be your very own personal PA. By scouring the web, and other sources available from your phone, it then gives you a bite-size summation each day that they describe as a ‘mini newspaper’. Conveniently this ‘mini newspaper’ is the perfect size to use as a bookmark, slip into your wallet or stick on the fridge, so each morning you can take it with you to enjoy whenever and wherever you fancy!

In Berg’s own words – “Little Printer lives in your front room and scours the Web on your behalf, assembling the content you care about into designed deliveries a couple of times a day.”

It’s a pity its not available until next year, otherwise it would definitely be on my Christmas list!

You can read more about the ‘Little Printer’ as well as their other projects on their site –


Tom Walsh Design - DIOR brochure
Tom Walsh Design - DIOR brochure
Tom Walsh Design - DIOR brochure

It’s always nice when fashion houses do something a little playful, and I especially liked this from Dior. Unfortunately I was too late to get a printed copy, so the PDF will have to do. You can download the full PDF for yourself here


Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela

Simple and monochrome, as you’d expect, with an eerie feel that Maison Martin Margiela do so well.

You can download the full PDF for yourself here

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Still Light identity by Klas Ernflo

Really nice typographic work from Klas Ernflo, a swedish illustrator and designer who works in Barcelona. The fine lined identity is perfectly complimented by the block type graphics created for each poster.

You can see more of his work and illustrations on his site here

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Tom Walsh Design - Bianca Chang

Simple, but beautiful paper sculptures by Bianca Chang, Sydney based designer and paper artist. She describes her work as being –

“Inspired by the subtlety of tone on tone signage and the shadow-play of 3 dimensional letterforms. Recreating this effect with paper – a material so beautifully tactile and simple yet often mindlessly discarded.”

As part of the Paper Convention it’s not just about pretty shapes though. She explains it best on her website as –

“minimizing the impact of paper consumption and consciously transforming a typically disposable medium into a long term piece of art. “

However green (or not..) you are, I think it’s the best use for a piece of paper I’ve seen in a while..

See more of her work here

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Tom Walsh Design - Ellie Identitiy

Designed in keeping with her printed material (the name in Helvetica Neue 45 Light) I wanted to counter balance that rigidity with something a little softer. Using italicised Baskerville MT the identity aims to reflect the industry, who have a tradition of using established serif fonts, and to draw focus to the ampersand, which was used to highlight her initials (as & is a ligature of the latin et). This mark can also be carried through into places where a full logo isn’t practical (favicons, image watermarks etc) to maintain consistency.

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Tom Walsh Design - Printing Type

For my sixth ‘Type I Like’ I decided to opt for a choice a little closer to home, the ‘Printing Types’ manual I inherited from an old tutor at Camberwell. Although without a cover, and by now pretty tatty, whenever I want to remind myself of all of the classic typefaces I appreciate (or have forgotten to appreciate for a while..) I flick through the pages. Its a compendium of beautifully laid out type. No images, no context or usage, just the typefaces in various weights and sizes. I’d recommend anyone with an appreciation for typography gets hold of one of these.

Tom Walsh Design - Printing Type

Tom Walsh Design - Printing Type

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