A lovely little creation by BERG, the ‘Little Printer’ will effectively be your very own personal PA. By scouring the web, and other sources available from your phone, it then gives you a bite-size summation each day that they describe as a ‘mini newspaper’. Conveniently this ‘mini newspaper’ is the perfect size to use as a bookmark, slip into your wallet or stick on the fridge, so each morning you can take it with you to enjoy whenever and wherever you fancy!

In Berg’s own words – “Little Printer lives in your front room and scours the Web on your behalf, assembling the content you care about into designed deliveries a couple of times a day.”

It’s a pity its not available until next year, otherwise it would definitely be on my Christmas list!

You can read more about the ‘Little Printer’ as well as their other projects on their site – bergcloud.com/