Burberry Tailoring - Tom Walsh Design

Burberry Tailoring - Tom Walsh Design

Burberry Tailoring - Tom Walsh Design

A simple update to the Burberry Tailoring experience. Comprising of a nice parallax to transition between modules and a selection of carousels to provide additional detail in the areas Burberry wanted to highlight. Designed to work on touch devices and desktop it’s a fluid, interactive experience that hopefully packs in all of the information while still looking uncluttered.

You can take a look for yourself here – uk.burberry.com/tailoring/

Designed while working for: Burberry
Creative direction: Marga Arrom Bibiloni & Chester Chipperfield

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Spring Creative - The Ever Changing Face Of Beauty

Beautiful iPad app by Spring Creative for fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø. Conceived by Sundsbø and styled by Marie Chaix, it plays on the old mix and match body parts concept. As you swipe through you can create your own combination of the video assets as well as moving and expanding each element, which in itself is a lot of fun to play with, but you can also tilt and the accelerometer angles the image depending on your tilt. The first time I played with it I had my sound turned off and I still enjoyed it, just for the pure aesthetic of the app, but with sound on it transforms into a different experience. The two bespoke tracks mixed by James Lavelle also react to tilt, so as you tilt it the ethereal track slows down and warps with your movement.

For the purists who think all apps need to serve a purpose I’m not sure how useful it is, I don’t think it was ever intended to be, but for something to enjoy looking at and playing with I’d recommend it to anyone. Also, it’s free. So you’ve got nothing to lose!

If you’d like to have a play you can download the app from the iTunes store here

And you can see more of Spring Creative or Sølve Sundsbø’s work here:

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What a simple solution to something I’m pretty sure annoys most users of both iPhones and iPads… It gets my vote to be included in the next iOS release.


tom walsh design - fontbook iPad app

tom walsh design - fontbook iPad app

tom walsh design - fontbook iPad app

Described by Fontbook as –

“If typography were a religion, this would be the Bible. FontBook is the world’s most comprehensive typographic reference tool, containing 110 type foundries and featuring over 620,000 typeface specimens.”

A bold statement, but one their iPad app doesn’t fall short on. Its a great (and lovely looking) app that delivers on design, usability and content. If you’re just looking for inspiration you can browse by style, alphabetically, foundry, year and more. Meaning however vague an idea you may have of the font you’re looking for you’ve got plenty of angles to approach from to narrow it down. The most useful tool I’ve found, however, is the ‘Compare’ function. Perfect for when you (or a client) can’t decide between a selection of fonts. You can test them out using different copy, and glide between them to make your decision. Much easier than running up a comparison sheet in Illustrator, and a bit more fun too…

You can read more reviews, and download the app from the iTunes store here


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