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Project Details

I was approached by Candy at Melted Inside to help with a ground up creation of the brand. From logo and full branding right through UX, Creative Direction and Design. With the brief to make artisan food and drink more accessible by giving an affordable stage to the hearts and souls behind the products.

In Candy’s words:
“It all started with my frustration of not knowing what food and drink makers we had in our area. There are many around us, but it isn’t always easy to buy from them or to find out more about them. Many artisan food and drinks makers work hard to create what they believe, and know, is better, tastier and more special. I’d like to make it easier for shoppers to buy from all the passionate and inspiring artisan food and drink makers, and to make it easier for the makers to tell their stories and connect with the customers.”

Aside from the usual challenges of designing a brand and e-commerce platform from scratch, we had the additional marketplace element to consider. With particular attention paid to making it as simple as possible for artisan food producers to be onboarded, create their profiles and add / manage their inventory and orders. I designed a conversational UI that meant the Makers (artisan producers) had as few barriers as possible with the minimum amount of technical knowledge needed, so they could focus on their passion of making the products they love to make.

For the user facing side of the platform I opted for a friendly and personable pairing of Recoleta for headlines, Circular for an open and friendly body font and accents of Kat Tail for a nod to the handmade nature of the products featured. Supported by a welcoming colour palette and category specific illustrations by Kathryn Coyle.

Keeping the feel of buying local we also included map views for the categories and a tracker in the users account to show them which areas of the UK their produce bought to date had come from and how many communities they’ve helped by shopping with local, small scale producers.