Lovely new iPad app by Studio AKQA for the WWF (That’s World Wildlife Fund, not the wrestling…). Through the app you can explore information, videos and images on some of the worlds rarest animals. It’s launched with Giant Pandas, Marine Turtles, Elephants, Tigers, Bison, Polar Bears, Snow Leopards and Whales. With Rhinos, Gorillas, Sharks and Jaguars to come in future updates.

The element I really like about the app is the theme of Origami that runs through it. From the opening Panda through to globes, the background and even downloadable instructions on how to make each featured animal. It holds all the species together in a familiar structure while keeping a personal, friendly aesthetic for what is, essentially, a very serious subject.

As far as the usability goes it feels nice and intuitive, has clear calls to action and even embraces iPad’s inbuilt features (in the Polar Bear area there’s a section to tilt the screen and keep a ball balanced to reveal a fact). It’s not groundbreaking in the feature front, but the app is about information and clarity, which it does exceptionally.

You can download it from the iTunes store here

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