Lovely idea from RCA graduate David Hedberg. ‘Smile TV’ displays a scrambled ‘no signal’ message (remember those, before the digital switch?), unless the person in front of the screen smiles. The longer the viewer smiles, the longer they have a fuzz-free signal.

Here he explains the thinking behind the project to
“I thought about content and how we, in the old days, used to get it delivered into our household via antennas installed on our individual rooftops. When the reception failed, somebody had to climb up there and fix the antenna to pick up the signal again. Today, with information widely accessible, often at the palm of our hands, the question is no longer if we can receive, but whether we are receptive. In the economy of ‘liking’ things we have very much taken on the role of antennas ourselves – transmitting content on to each other.”

You can read the full article on Creative Applications here

And you can see more of David Hedberg’s work on his site here

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