Following on from Microsoft’s ‘Productivity Future Vision‘ video late last year (which you can see in my post here) this is Google’s version of how the future will play out with their ‘Project Glass‘. Here’s how The Guardian described it –

The video, ominously titled “One Day …” depicts what a day in the life of a Google glasses-wearer would be like. Shown literally through the eyes of a hip downtown New Yorker, the video starts with the glasses booting up. A series of icons flash into his field of vision, Terminator-style. He checks his calendar and the weather, chats and shares photos with friends in his circles (remember that week we were all active on Google+?) and listens to music.

Personally the guy in the video annoys me a little, and the idea of that being the future scares me a little more, but all in all an interesting concept and a nicely made video to promote it. I can’t help but think it’ll be a bit like most of the products they used to show on ‘Tomorrow’s World’ though, that never actually made it into public consumption…