Tick App - Tom Walsh Design

Tick App - Tom Walsh Design

If you liked Clear, the designers to-do app, you’ll love Tick. Designed from the ground up for iOS7 it makes organising your life far more enjoyable than endless post-it notes…

I’m a list person. I have shopping lists on my phone, post-its stacked next to my computer (work and home), and scribbles all over various sketchbooks and envelopes scattered around the place. This may give me the feeling of being organised, but if I’m honest I quite often find lists long after I was supposed to have finished them. That’s how I stumbled across Tick. With its simple icon centred design, and the ability to customise colours to your preference it couldn’t be more straight forward. For the more experimental users they even chucked in a few swipey short cuts. The main thing I like about this app is, however, something that pretty much boils down to a design feature, of course. Its what the makers Taphive describe as ‘Ambient aware’. Which means that it detects the lighting in the room you’re in and switches itself to night mode if there’s low light. A lovely, simple touch that made it stand out for me.

If you’d like to organise yourself a bit more too, you can download it here

Taphive also have a pretty nifty app called Blur Studio. I’m yet to play with that one, but you can take a look at it here.

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