L.K.Bennett eBay Outlet home page

I’ve just finished working on the L.K.Bennett Ebay Outlet pages! It was a challenge to maintain brand identity while also having it made clear that it was separate from the main brand, but I think the end product achieved that quite well. With the reversed version of the logo, and black overlaid navigation it has a slightly less airy feel than the usual designs I produce for them, but still feels clean and in keeping with other elements of the brand. With limits on which photography I could use (they didn’t want to show products that weren’t being sold on Ebay as it could be misleading, and some ex campaign usage rights issues) we decided to instead use tight crops of the L.K.Bennett logo as it appears on the products. Some of the most pleasing results came from cutting in extra close to the logo embossed on the hardware of handbags or zips on boots, but all have a certain quality I think.

L.K.Bennett eBay Outlet product listing page

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