Humanae - Tom Walsh Design

Humanæ is a permanent“work in progress” by Brazilian photographer Angélica Dass, cataloguing skin tones to Pantones. The ‘models’ used are all volunteers, with no specific requests for any nationality, age, race or gender, adding to the variety and unpredictability of the project as it progress’. As Angélica puts it it’s:

“open in all senses and it will include all those who want to be part of this colossal global mosaic. The only limit would be reached by completing all of the world’s population.”

Although it may seem a bit dystopian to catalogue each specific skin shade with a number, visually I think its pretty powerful. I’d also say it serves more to unite than to divide by creating an abstractly beautiful platform, especially when viewed en mass.

You can see more of Angélica’s projects on her site here