A great new tool from Swiss Type Design agency Dinamo, designed to “test drive the truth of variable fonts”. The perfect way to find any flaws in existing or WIP variable font projects.

They describe it as:
“First practiced in Ancient Greece, the military punishment known as “running the gauntlet” forced the convicted to pass between a double row of comrades who strike out and attack them. Not always easy.

Fast forward to a digital 2018, and type designers can make their fonts run through our Gauntlet to quickly uncover their weaknesses. It provides a selection of features for testing and analysing typefaces during the design process and was specifically built with variable fonts in mind, allowing for an animated preview of all their axes combined.”

I haven’t had a chance to test it out on any of my projects, but its fun to play with all the same, and definitely one to bookmark for proper use later.

You can check it out at dinamodarkroom.com/